Base class for all filters that can be applied to a sensor after initial rendering.

Any filters that will be added to a sensor must inherit from here.

#include <ChFilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::sensor::ChFilter:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ChFilter ()
 Virtual class desctructor.
virtual void Apply (std::shared_ptr< ChSensor > pSensor, std::shared_ptr< SensorBuffer > &bufferInOut)=0
 Virtual apply function. More...
virtual void Initialize (std::shared_ptr< ChSensor > pSensor)=0
 Virtual initialize function. More...
std::string & Name ()
 Accesses the name of the filter. More...

Protected Member Functions

 ChFilter (std::string name)
 protected constructor for the filter which requires a name as input. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChFilter()

chrono::sensor::ChFilter::ChFilter ( std::string  name)

protected constructor for the filter which requires a name as input.

nameA string name of the filter.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Apply()

virtual void chrono::sensor::ChFilter::Apply ( std::shared_ptr< ChSensor pSensor,
std::shared_ptr< SensorBuffer > &  bufferInOut 
pure virtual

◆ Initialize()

virtual void chrono::sensor::ChFilter::Initialize ( std::shared_ptr< ChSensor pSensor)
pure virtual

Virtual initialize function.

This will be called once when added to the ChSensorManager. It should create all the necessary memory space and setup any data that will be needed in the apply function. This function does not need to be threadsafe so can be used to access and store any sensor specific information that is needed later.

pSensorA pointer to the ChSensor on which the filter is attached.

Implemented in chrono::sensor::ChFilterIMUUpdate, chrono::sensor::ChFilterGPSUpdate, chrono::sensor::ChFilterCameraNoisePixDep, chrono::sensor::ChFilterImgAlias, chrono::sensor::ChFilterAccess< BufferType, UserBufferType >, chrono::sensor::ChFilterVisualize, chrono::sensor::ChFilterVisualizePointCloud, chrono::sensor::ChFilterLidarNoiseXYZI, chrono::sensor::ChFilterSavePtCloud, chrono::sensor::ChFilterCameraNoiseConstNormal, chrono::sensor::ChFilterSave, chrono::sensor::ChFilterONNX, chrono::sensor::ChFilterUFF, chrono::sensor::ChFilterImageResize, chrono::sensor::ChFilterOptixRender, chrono::sensor::ChFilterGrayscale, and chrono::sensor::ChFilterPCfromDepth.

◆ Name()

std::string& chrono::sensor::ChFilter::Name ( )

Accesses the name of the filter.

Name not used for any critical processes. Optional use for clarity. A string reference to the filter's name.

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