The base buffer class that contains sensor data (contains meta data of the buffer and pointer to raw data)

#include <ChSensorBuffer.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::sensor::SensorBuffer:

Public Member Functions

 SensorBuffer ()
 Default constructor that intializes all zero values.
 SensorBuffer (unsigned int w, unsigned int h, float t)
 Constructor based on height, width, and time.
virtual ~SensorBuffer ()
 virtual destructor so class is virtual so it can participate in dynamic_pointer_cast<>'s

Public Attributes

float TimeStamp
 The time stamp on the buffer (simulation time when data collection stopped)
unsigned int Width
 The width of the data (image width when data is an image)
unsigned int Height
 The height of the data (image height when data is an image)
unsigned int LaunchedCount
 number of times updates have been launched. This may not reflect how many have been

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