chrono::sensor::ChFilterCameraNoiseConstNormal Class Reference


A filter that adds Gaussian noise across an image with constant mean and standard deviation.

#include <ChFilterCameraNoise.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChFilterCameraNoiseConstNormal (float mean, float stdev, std::string name={})
 Class constructor. More...
virtual void Apply (std::shared_ptr< ChSensor > pSensor, std::shared_ptr< SensorBuffer > &bufferInOut)
 Apply function. More...
virtual void Initialize (std::shared_ptr< ChSensor > pSensor)
 Initializes all data needed by the filter access apply function. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::sensor::ChFilter
virtual ~ChFilter ()
 Virtual class desctructor.
std::string & Name ()
 Accesses the name of the filter. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from chrono::sensor::ChFilter
 ChFilter (std::string name)
 protected constructor for the filter which requires a name as input. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChFilterCameraNoiseConstNormal()

chrono::sensor::ChFilterCameraNoiseConstNormal::ChFilterCameraNoiseConstNormal ( float  mean,
float  stdev,
std::string  name = {} 

Class constructor.

meanThe mean value of the Guassian distribution
stdevThe standard deviation of the Gaussian distribution
nameThe string name of the filter.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Apply()

CH_SENSOR_API void chrono::sensor::ChFilterCameraNoiseConstNormal::Apply ( std::shared_ptr< ChSensor pSensor,
std::shared_ptr< SensorBuffer > &  bufferInOut 

Apply function.

Adds uniform Gaussian noise to an image.

pSensorA pointer to the sensor on which the filter is attached.
bufferInOutA buffer that is passed into the filter. This data is what will be made available for the user.

Implements chrono::sensor::ChFilter.

◆ Initialize()

virtual void chrono::sensor::ChFilterCameraNoiseConstNormal::Initialize ( std::shared_ptr< ChSensor pSensor)

Initializes all data needed by the filter access apply function.

pSensorA pointer to the sensor.

Implements chrono::sensor::ChFilter.

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