Definition of the MPI granular terrain node (using Chrono::Distributed).

#include <ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeGranularMPI.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeGranularMPI (double length, double width)
 Create a Chrono::Distributed granular terrain node.
 ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeGranularMPI (const std::string &specfile)
 Create a Chrono::Distributed granular terrain node and set parameters from the provided JSON specfile.
virtual ChSystemGetSystem () override
 Return a pointer to the underlying Chrono system.
void SetNumThreads (int num_threads)
 Set the number of OpenMP threads for each Chrono::Multicore terrain simulation (default: 1).
void SetFromSpecfile (const std::string &specfile)
 Set full terrain specification from JSON specfile.
void SetWallThickness (double thickness)
 Set container wall thickness (default: 0.2)
void SetGranularMaterial (double radius, double density)
 Set properties of granular material. More...
void SetMaterialSurface (const std::shared_ptr< ChMaterialSurfaceSMC > &mat)
 Set the material properties for terrain. More...
void UseMaterialProperties (bool flag)
 Specify whether contact coefficients are based on material properties (default: true).
void SetContactForceModel (ChSystemSMC::ContactForceModel model)
 Set the normal contact force model (default: Hertz).
void SetTangentialDisplacementModel (ChSystemSMC::TangentialDisplacementModel model)
 Set the tangential contact displacement model (default: OneStep).
void SetSamplingMethod (utils::SamplingType type, double init_height, double sep_factor=1.001, bool in_layers=false)
 Set sampling method for generation of granular material. More...
void SetProxyContactRadius (double radius)
 Set sweeping sphere radius for proxy bodies (default 5e-3). More...
virtual void WriteCheckpoint (const std::string &filename) const override
 Write checkpoint to the specified file (which will be created in the output directory).
double CalculatePackingDensity (double &depth)
 Estimate packing density (eta) of granular material in current configuration. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeChrono
Type GetType () const
 Return the type of this terrain node.
void SetProxyFixed (bool fixed)
 Set the proxy bodies as fixed to ground.
virtual double GetInitHeight () const override final
 Return the terrain initial height.
void AddRigidObstacle (const RigidObstacle &obstacle)
 Add a rigid obstacle.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNode
virtual NodeType GetNodeType () const override
 Return the node type as NodeType::TERRAIN.
void EnableRuntimeVisualization (bool render, double render_fps=100)
 Enable/disable run-time visualization (default: false). More...
void SetDimensions (double length, double width)
 Set the terrain patch dimensions. More...
virtual void Initialize () override final
 Initialize this node. More...
virtual void Synchronize (int step_number, double time) override final
 Synchronize this node. More...
virtual void Advance (double step_size) override final
 Advance simulation. More...
virtual void OutputData (int frame) override final
 Output logging and debugging data.
virtual void OutputVisualizationData (int frame) override
 Output post-processing visualization data. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
std::string GetNodeTypeString () const
 Return the node type as a string.
bool IsCosimNode () const
 Return true if this node is part of the co-simulation infrastructure.
void SetStepSize (double step)
 Set the integration step size (default: 1e-4).
double GetStepSize () const
 Get the integration step size.
void SetOutDir (const std::string &dir_name, const std::string &suffix)
 Set the name of the output directory and an identifying suffix. More...
void SetVerbose (bool verbose)
 Enable/disable verbose messages during simulation (default: true).
const std::string & GetOutDirName () const
 Get the output directory name for this node.
double GetStepExecutionTime () const
 Get the simulation execution time for the current step on this node. More...
double GetTotalExecutionTime () const
 Get the cumulative simulation execution time on this node.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeChrono
enum  Type {
 Type of Chrono terrain. More...
- Public Types inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
enum  NodeType { NodeType::MBS, NodeType::TERRAIN, NodeType::TIRE }
 Type of node participating in co-simulation. More...
enum  InterfaceType { InterfaceType::BODY, InterfaceType::MESH }
 Type of the tire-terrain communication interface. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeChrono
static std::string GetTypeAsString (Type type)
 Return a string describing the type of this terrain node.
static Type GetTypeFromString (const std::string &type)
 Infer the terrain node type from the given string.
static bool ReadSpecfile (const std::string &specfile, rapidjson::Document &d)
 Read a JSON specification file for a Chrono terrain node.
static Type GetTypeFromSpecfile (const std::string &specfile)
 Get the terrain type from the given JSON specification file.
static ChVector2 GetSizeFromSpecfile (const std::string &specfile)
 Get the terrain dimensions (length and width) from the given JSON specification file.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
static std::string OutputFilename (const std::string &dir, const std::string &root, const std::string &ext, int frame, int frame_digits)
 Utility function for creating an output file name. More...
- Protected Types inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeChrono
typedef std::vector< ProxyBodyProxies
- Protected Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeChrono
 ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeChrono (Type type, double length, double width, ChContactMethod method)
 Construct a base class terrain node. More...
virtual void OnInitialize (unsigned int num_tires) override
 Initialize this Chrono terrain node. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNode
 ChVehicleCosimTerrainNode (double length, double width)
 Construct a terrain node to wrap a terrain patch of given length and width.
virtual void OnSynchronize (int step_number, double time)
 Perform any additional operations after the data exchange and synchronization with the MBS node. More...
virtual void UpdateMeshProxies (unsigned int i, MeshState &mesh_state)
 Update the state of all proxy bodies for the i-th tire mesh. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
 ChVehicleCosimBaseNode (const std::string &name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeChrono
Type m_type
 terrain type
ChContactMethod m_method
 contact method (SMC or NSC)
std::shared_ptr< ChMaterialSurfacem_material_terrain
 material properties for terrain bodies
double m_init_height
 terrain initial height
std::vector< Proxies > m_proxies
 proxy bodies for each tire
bool m_fixed_proxies
 are proxy bodies fixed to ground?
std::vector< RigidObstaclem_obstacles
 list of rigid obstacles
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNode
bool m_render
 if true, perform run-time rendering
double m_render_step
 time step between rendered frames
double m_hdimX
 patch half-length (X direction)
double m_hdimY
 patch half-width (Y direction)
InterfaceType m_interface_type
 type of communication interface
std::vector< double > m_tire_radius
 tire radius
std::vector< double > m_tire_width
 tire width
std::vector< double > m_load_mass
 vertical load on tire
std::vector< MaterialInfo > m_mat_props
 tire contact material properties
std::vector< MeshDatam_mesh_data
 tire mesh data
std::vector< MeshState > m_mesh_state
 tire mesh state (used for MESH communication)
std::vector< BodyStatem_spindle_state
 spindle state (used for BODY communication interface)
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
int m_rank
 MPI rank of this node (in MPI_COMM_WORLD)
double m_step_size
 integration step size
std::string m_name
 name of the node
std::string m_out_dir
 top-level output directory
std::string m_node_out_dir
 node-specific output directory
std::ofstream m_outf
 output file stream
unsigned int m_num_mbs_nodes
unsigned int m_num_terrain_nodes
unsigned int m_num_tire_nodes
ChTimer< double > m_timer
 timer for integration cost
double m_cum_sim_time
 cumulative integration cost
bool m_verbose
 verbose messages during simulation?
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
static const double m_gacc = -9.81

Member Function Documentation

◆ CalculatePackingDensity()

double chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeGranularMPI::CalculatePackingDensity ( double &  depth)

Estimate packing density (eta) of granular material in current configuration.

Note that porosity is phi=1-eta and void ratio is e=(1-eta)/eta=phi/(1-phi). The function also returns the current depth of granular material.

◆ SetGranularMaterial()

void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeGranularMPI::SetGranularMaterial ( double  radius,
double  density 

Set properties of granular material.

radiusparticle radius (default: 0.01)
densityparticle material density (default: 2000)

◆ SetMaterialSurface()

void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeGranularMPI::SetMaterialSurface ( const std::shared_ptr< ChMaterialSurfaceSMC > &  mat)

Set the material properties for terrain.

These parameters characterize the material for the container and the granular material. Tire contact material is received from the MBS node.

◆ SetProxyContactRadius()

void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeGranularMPI::SetProxyContactRadius ( double  radius)

Set sweeping sphere radius for proxy bodies (default 5e-3).

This value is used as a "thickness" for collision meshes (a non-zero value can improve robustness of the collision detection algorithm).

◆ SetSamplingMethod()

void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTerrainNodeGranularMPI::SetSamplingMethod ( utils::SamplingType  type,
double  init_height,
double  sep_factor = 1.001,
bool  in_layers = false 

Set sampling method for generation of granular material.

The granular material is created in the volume defined by the x-y dimensions of the terrain patch and the specified initial height, using the specified sampling type, layer by layer or all at once. Note: for correct HCP, do not initialize in layers!

typevolume sampling type (default POISSON_DISK)
init_heightheight of granular material at initialization (default 0.2)
sep_factorradius inflation factor for initial separation
in_layersinitialize material in layers

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