chrono::fea::ChContactSegmentXYZ Class Reference


Contact element of segment type.

Used to 'tessellate' FEA meshes with 1-D elements for collision purposes.

#include <ChContactSurfaceMesh.h>

Public Member Functions

 ChContactSegmentXYZ (const std::array< std::shared_ptr< ChNodeFEAxyz >, 2 > &nodes)
void SetNodes (const std::array< std::shared_ptr< ChNodeFEAxyz >, 2 > &nodes)
 Set the FEA nodes for which this is a proxy.
void SetNodeOwnership (const ChVector2b &owns_node)
 Set node ownership.
std::shared_ptr< ChNodeFEAxyzGetNode (int i) const
 Acccess the specified FEA node for which this is a proxy.
bool OwnsNode (int i) const
 Returns true if the specified node is owned by this segment.

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