chrono::ChState Class Reference


Class for state of time-integrable objects.

This is a vector (one-column matrix) which extends ChVectorDynamic.

#include <ChState.h>

Inherits ChVectorDynamic< double >.

Public Member Functions

 ChState (ChIntegrable *intgr=0)
 ChState (Eigen::Index size, ChIntegrable *intgr)
 ChState (ChVectorConstRef vec, ChIntegrable *intgr)
 ChState (const ChState &other)
 Copy constructor.
template<typename OtherDerived >
ChStateoperator= (const Eigen::MatrixBase< OtherDerived > &other)
 This method allows assigning Eigen expressions to ChStateDelta.
ChState operator- ()
 Unary minus operator.
ChState operator+ (ChVectorConstRef vec) const
 Return the sum of this state and another vector.
ChState operator- (ChVectorConstRef vec) const
 Return the difference of this state vector and another vector.
ChState operator* (double factor) const
 Return this state vector scaled by the given value.
void setZero (Eigen::Index size, ChIntegrable *intgr)
 Reset to zeroes and (if needed) changes the size.
ChIntegrableGetIntegrable () const

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