chrono::vehicle::ChTSDAGeometry Class Reference


Utility class defining visualization geometry for a vehicle TSDA.

Holds vectors of segment and spring visualization shapes.

#include <ChVehicleGeometry.h>

Collaboration diagram for chrono::vehicle::ChTSDAGeometry:


struct  SegmentShape
 Segment shape for TSDA visualization. More...
struct  SpringShape
 Spring shape for TSDA visualization. More...

Public Member Functions

void CreateVisualizationAssets (std::shared_ptr< ChLinkTSDA > tsda, VisualizationType vis)
 Create visualization assets for the specified TSDA.

Public Attributes

std::shared_ptr< SegmentShapem_vis_segment
 visualization segment
std::shared_ptr< SpringShapem_vis_spring
 visualization spring
bool m_has_color
 true if visualization color was provided
ChColor m_color
 visualization color

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