This handler is responsible for interfacing a ChDriver to ROS.

Will instantiate a subscriber to chrono_ros_interfaces::msg::DriverInputs

#include <ChROSDriverInputsHandler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChROSDriverInputsHandler (std::shared_ptr< chrono::vehicle::ChDriver > driver, const std::string &topic_name)
 Convenience constructor. More...
 ChROSDriverInputsHandler (double update_rate, std::shared_ptr< chrono::vehicle::ChDriver > driver, const std::string &topic_name)
 Constructor for the ChROSDriverInputsHandler class. More...
virtual bool Initialize (std::shared_ptr< ChROSInterface > interface) override
 Initializes the handler. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ros::ChROSHandler
virtual ~ChROSHandler ()=default
 Destructor for the ChROSHandler.
virtual void Update (double time, double step) final
 Updates the internal clock and checks if a tick should occur. More...
const double GetUpdateRate () const
 Get the period which this handler operates at.
const uint64_t GetTickCount () const
 Get the number of times Tick() has been called.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Tick (double time) override
 Updates the driver with stored inputs data from Callback.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from chrono::ros::ChROSHandler
 ChROSHandler (double update_rate)
 Constructor for the ChROSHandler. More...

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