chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleBushingData Struct Reference


Stiffness and damping data for a vehicle bushing specification.

Attention! The Chrono bushing formulation is valid only for small relative rotations. As such, define a non-zero rotational stiffness in a "DOF" direction only if the kinematics of the modeled mechanism prevent any large relative rotations. For rotational stiffness in the presence of large rotations, use a ChLinkRSDA element.

#include <ChVehicleJoint.h>

Public Attributes

double K_lin
 translational stiffness in "constrained" directions
double K_rot
 rotational stiffness in "constrained" directions
double D_lin
 translational damping in "constrained" directions
double D_rot
 rotational damping in "constraint" directions
double K_lin_dof
 translational stiffness in "DOF" directions
double K_rot_dof
 rotational stiffness in "DOF" directions
double D_lin_dof
 translational damping in "DOF" directions
double D_rot_dof
 rotational damping in "DOF" directions

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