chrono::vehicle::RigidTerrain::Patch Class Referenceabstract


Definition of a patch in a rigid terrain model.

#include <RigidTerrain.h>

Public Member Functions

void SetColor (const ChColor &color)
 Set visualization color.
void SetTexture (const std::string &filename, float scale_x=1, float scale_y=1)
 Set texture properties. More...
std::shared_ptr< ChBodyGetGroundBody () const
 Return a handle to the ground body.
virtual void Initialize ()=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool FindPoint (const ChVector3d &loc, double &height, ChVector3d &normal) const =0
virtual void ExportMeshPovray (const std::string &out_dir, bool smoothed=false)
virtual void ExportMeshWavefront (const std::string &out_dir)

Protected Attributes

PatchType m_type
 type of this patch
std::shared_ptr< ChBodym_body
 associated body
float m_friction
 coefficient of friction
double m_radius
 bounding sphere radius
bool m_visualize
std::shared_ptr< ChVisualMaterialm_vis_mat


class RigidTerrain

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetTexture()

void chrono::vehicle::RigidTerrain::Patch::SetTexture ( const std::string &  filename,
float  scale_x = 1,
float  scale_y = 1 

Set texture properties.

[in]filenametexture filename
[in]scale_xtexture scale in X
[in]scale_ytexture scale in Y

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