Driver for the RoboSimian robot.

#include <RoboSimian.h>


class  PhaseChangeCallback
 Class to be used as callback interface for user-defined actions at phase changes. More...

Public Types

enum  Phase {
 Driving phases.

Public Member Functions

 RS_Driver (const std::string &filename_start, const std::string &filename_cycle, const std::string &filename_stop, bool repeat=false)
void SetTimeOffsets (double time_pose, double time_hold)
 Specify time intervals to assume and then hold the initial pose.
Actuation GetActuation ()
 Return the current limb motor actuations.
void SetActuation (Actuation ext_act)
 Directly feed actuations to the motors.
void SetDrivingMode (bool drivemode)
 Set the driving mode to accept external inputs.
void UseTorqueMotors (bool use_tm)
 Set the motor type (setpoint/torque).
std::string GetCurrentPhase () const
 Return the current phase.
void RegisterPhaseChangeCallback (PhaseChangeCallback *callback)
 Register a phase-change callback object.


class RoboSimian

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RS_Driver()

chrono::robosimian::RS_Driver::RS_Driver ( const std::string &  filename_start,
const std::string &  filename_cycle,
const std::string &  filename_stop,
bool  repeat = false 
filename_startname of file with joint actuations for start phase
filename_cyclename of file with joint actuations for cycle phase
filename_stopname of file with joint actuations for stop phase
repeattrue if cycle phase is looped

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