chrono::geometry::ChPropertyT< T > Class Template Reference


template<class T>
class chrono::geometry::ChPropertyT< T >

Templated property: a generic array of items of type T.

#include <ChProperty.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChPropertyT (const ChPropertyT &other)
ChPropertyclone () override
size_t GetSize () override
 Get current size of data array.
void SetSize (const size_t msize) override
 Resize data array to some amount. All internal data will be reset.
virtual void ArchiveOut (ChArchiveOut &marchive) override
 Method to allow serialization of transient data to archives.
virtual void ArchiveIn (ChArchiveIn &marchive) override
 Method to allow de-serialization of transient data from archives.

Public Attributes

std::vector< T > data
 The data array.
double min
 min-max values that can be used to store info on desired falsecolor scale
double max
- Public Attributes inherited from chrono::geometry::ChProperty
std::string name
 Name of this property.

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