chrono::fsi::ChFsiVisualization Class Referenceabstract


Run-time visualization support for Chrono::FSI systems.

Note that using run-time visualization for a Chrono::FSI system incurs the penalty of collecting positions of all particles every time the Render() function is invoked.

#include <ChFsiVisualization.h>

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Public Types

enum  RenderMode { POINTS, WIREFRAME, SOLID }
 Rendering mode for particles and mesh objects.

Public Member Functions

 ChFsiVisualization (ChSystemFsi *sysFSI)
 Create a run-time FSI visualization object associated with a given Chrono::Fsi system.
virtual void SetTitle (const std::string &title)
 Set title of the visualization window (default: "").
virtual void SetSize (int width, int height)
 Set window dimensions (default: 1280x720).
virtual void AddCamera (const ChVector3d &pos, const ChVector3d &target)
 Add a camera initially at the specified position and target (look at) point.
virtual void UpdateCamera (const ChVector3d &pos, const ChVector3d &target)
 Set camera position and target (look at) point.
virtual void SetCameraVertical (CameraVerticalDir up)
 Set camera up vector (default: Z).
virtual void SetCameraMoveScale (float scale)
 Set scale for camera movement increments (default: 0.1).
virtual void SetParticleRenderMode (RenderMode mode)
 Set rendering mode for SPH particles. More...
virtual void SetRenderMode (RenderMode mode)
 Set rendering mode for mesh objects (default: WIREFRAME).
void SetColorFluidMarkers (const ChColor &col)
 Set default color for fluid SPH particles (default: [0.10, 0.40, 0.65]).
void SetColorBoundaryMarkers (const ChColor &col)
 Set default color for boundary BCE markers (default: [0.65, 0.30, 0.03]).
void SetColorRigidBodyMarkers (const ChColor &col)
 Set default color for rigid body BCE markers (default: [0.10, 0.60, 0.30]).
void SetColorFlexBodyMarkers (const ChColor &col)
 Set default color for flex body BCE markers (default: [0.40, 0.10, 0.65]).
void SetSPHColorCallback (std::shared_ptr< ChParticleCloud::ColorCallback > functor)
 Set a callback for dynamic coloring of SPH particles. More...
void SetImageOutputDirectory (const std::string &dir)
 Set output directory for saving frame snapshots (default: ".").
void SetImageOutput (bool val)
 Enable/disable writing of frame snapshots to file.
virtual void EnableInfoOverlay (bool val)
 Enable/disable information overlay (default: true).
void EnableFluidMarkers (bool val)
 Enable/disable rendering of fluid SPH particles (default: true).
void EnableRigidBodyMarkers (bool val)
 Enable/disable rendering of rigid-body BCE markers (default: true).
void EnableFlexBodyMarkers (bool val)
 Enable/disable rendering of flex-body BCE markers (default: true).
void EnableBoundaryMarkers (bool val)
 Enable/disable rendering of boundary BCE markers (default: false).
void AttachSystem (ChSystem *system)
 Attach a user-provided Chrono system for rendering. More...
void AddProxyBody (std::shared_ptr< ChBody > body)
 Add additional proxy body to supplemental system. More...
virtual void Initialize ()
 Initialize the run-time visualization system.
virtual bool Render ()=0
 Render the current state of the Chrono::Fsi system. More...
ChSystemGetSystem () const
 Return the internal Chrono system that holds visualization shapes.

Protected Attributes

 associated Chrono::FSI system
 internal Chrono system (holds proxies)
 optional user-provided system
bool m_sph_markers
 render fluid SPH particles?
bool m_bndry_bce_markers
 render boundary BCE markers?
bool m_rigid_bce_markers
 render rigid-body BCE markers?
bool m_flex_bce_markers
 render flex-body markers?
std::shared_ptr< ChParticleCloudm_sph_cloud
 particle cloud proxy for SPH particles
std::shared_ptr< ChParticleCloudm_bndry_bce_cloud
 particle cloud proxy for boundary BCE markers
std::shared_ptr< ChParticleCloudm_rigid_bce_cloud
 particle cloud proxy for BCE markers on rigid bodies
std::shared_ptr< ChParticleCloudm_flex_bce_cloud
 particle cloud proxy for BCE markers on flex bodies
ChColor m_sph_color
 color for SPH particles
ChColor m_bndry_bce_color
 color for boundary BCE markers
ChColor m_rigid_bce_color
 color for BCE markers on rigid bodies
ChColor m_flex_bce_color
 color for BCE markers on flex bodies
std::shared_ptr< ChParticleCloud::ColorCallbackm_color_fun
 dynamic color functor for SPH particles
bool m_write_images
 if true, save snapshots
std::string m_image_dir
 directory for image files

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddProxyBody()

void chrono::fsi::ChFsiVisualization::AddProxyBody ( std::shared_ptr< ChBody body)

Add additional proxy body to supplemental system.

Must be called before Initialize(). The provided body is set fixed to ground and it is the caller's responsibility to update the position of this body before a call to Render().

◆ AttachSystem()

void chrono::fsi::ChFsiVisualization::AttachSystem ( ChSystem system)

Attach a user-provided Chrono system for rendering.

By default, the FSI run-time visualization renders SPH particles and BCE markers. This function can be used to also render the mechanical system interacting with the SPH system.

◆ Render()

virtual bool chrono::fsi::ChFsiVisualization::Render ( )
pure virtual

Render the current state of the Chrono::Fsi system.

This function, typically invoked from within the main simulation loop, can only be called after construction of the FSI system was completed (i.e., the system was initialized). This function querries the positions of all particles in the FSI system in order to update the positions of the proxy bodies. Returns false if the visualization window was closed.

Implemented in chrono::fsi::ChFsiVisualizationVSG, and chrono::fsi::ChFsiVisualizationGL.

◆ SetParticleRenderMode()

void chrono::fsi::ChFsiVisualization::SetParticleRenderMode ( RenderMode  mode)

Set rendering mode for SPH particles.

Must be called before Initialize().

Reimplemented in chrono::fsi::ChFsiVisualizationGL, and chrono::fsi::ChFsiVisualizationVSG.

◆ SetSPHColorCallback()

void chrono::fsi::ChFsiVisualization::SetSPHColorCallback ( std::shared_ptr< ChParticleCloud::ColorCallback functor)

Set a callback for dynamic coloring of SPH particles.

If none provided, SPH particles are rendered with a default color.

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