Simplified geometry for a 'cable' beam section in 3D, that is a beam without torsional stiffness and with circular section (i.e.same Ixx and Iyy properties).

This material can be shared between multiple beams.

#include <ChBeamSectionCable.h>

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Public Member Functions

void SetArea (const double ma)
 Set the cross sectional area A of the beam (m^2)
double GetArea () const
void SetInertia (double ma)
 Set the I moment of inertia of the beam (for flexion about y axis or z axis) Note: since this simple section assumes circular section, Iyy=Izz=I.
double GetInertia () const
void SetDiameter (double diameter)
 Shortcut: set Area and I inertia at once, given the diameter of the beam assumed with circular shape.
void SetDensity (double md)
 Set the density of the beam (kg/m^3)
double GetDensity () const
void SetYoungModulus (double mE)
 Set E, the Young elastic modulus (N/m^2)
double GetYoungModulus () const
void SetRayleighDamping (double mr)
 Set the Rayleigh damping ratio r (as in: R = r * K ), to do: also mass-proportional term.
double GetRayleighDamping ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::fea::ChBeamSection
void SetDrawShape (std::shared_ptr< ChBeamSectionShape > mshape)
 Set the graphical representation for this section. More...
std::shared_ptr< ChBeamSectionShapeGetDrawShape () const
 Get the drawing shape of this section (i.e.a 2D profile used for drawing 3D tesselation and visualization) By default a thin square section, use SetDrawShape() to change it.
void SetDrawThickness (double thickness_y, double thickness_z)
 Shortcut: adds a ChBeamSectionShapeRectangular for visualization as a centered rectangular beam, and sets its width/height. More...
void SetDrawCircularRadius (double draw_rad)
 Shortcut: adds a ChBeamSectionShapeCircular for visualization as a centered circular beam, and sets its radius. More...
void SetCircular (bool ic)
 OBSOLETE only for backward compability.

Public Attributes

double Area
double I
double E
double density
double rdamping

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