chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleGeometry Class Reference


Utility class defining geometry (visualization and collision) and contact materials for a rigid vehicle body.

Holds vectors of primitive shapes (any one of which may be empty) and a list of contact materials. Each shape defines its position and orientation relative to the parent body, geometric dimensions, and an index into the list of contact materials.

#include <ChVehicleGeometry.h>

Collaboration diagram for chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleGeometry:


struct  BoxShape
 Box shape for visualization and/or collision. More...
struct  ConvexHullsShape
 Convex hulls shape for collision. More...
struct  CylinderShape
 Cylinder shape for visualization and/or collision. More...
struct  LineShape
 Line shape for visualization. More...
struct  SphereShape
 Sphere shape for visualization and/or collision. More...
struct  TrimeshShape
 Tri-mesh shape for collision. More...

Public Member Functions

void CreateVisualizationAssets (std::shared_ptr< ChBody > body, VisualizationType vis, bool visualize_collision=false)
 Create visualization assets for the specified body.
void CreateCollisionShapes (std::shared_ptr< ChBody > body, int collision_family, ChContactMethod contact_method)
 Create collision shapes for the specified body.
AABB CalculateAABB ()
 Calculate axis-aligned bounding box of all collision shapes.

Public Attributes

bool m_has_collision
 true if body has a collision model
std::vector< ChContactMaterialDatam_materials
 list of contact materials
std::vector< BoxShapem_coll_boxes
 list of collision boxes
std::vector< SphereShapem_coll_spheres
 list of collision spheres
std::vector< CylinderShapem_coll_cylinders
 list of collision cylinders
std::vector< ConvexHullsShapem_coll_hulls
 list of collision convex hulls
std::vector< TrimeshShapem_coll_meshes
 list of collision trimeshes
bool m_has_primitives
 true if the body uses visualization primitives
std::vector< BoxShapem_vis_boxes
 list of visualization boxes
std::vector< SphereShapem_vis_spheres
 list of visualization spheres
std::vector< CylinderShapem_vis_cylinders
 list of visualization cylinders
std::vector< LineShapem_vis_lines
 list of visualization lines
bool m_has_colors
 true if primitive colors were provided
ChColor m_color_boxes
 visualization color
ChColor m_color_spheres
 visualization color
ChColor m_color_cylinders
 visualization color
bool m_has_obj
 true if the body uses visualization from an OBJ
bool m_has_mesh
 true if the body uses a visualization mesh
std::string m_vis_mesh_file
 name of Wavefront OBJ file with visualization mesh

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