Interactive driver model using keyboard inputs.

Irrlicht-based GUI driver for the a vehicle. This class implements the functionality required by its base ChDriver class using keyboard inputs. As an Irrlicht event receiver, its OnEvent() callback is used to keep track and update the current driver inputs.

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#include <ChIrrGuiDriver.h>

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Public Types

 Functioning modes for a ChIrrGuiDriver. More...
enum  JoystickAxes {
  AXIS_X = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_X, AXIS_Y = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_Y, AXIS_Z = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_Z, AXIS_R = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_R,
  AXIS_U = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_U, AXIS_V = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_V, NONE
 Exposes the unnamed enum of irrlicht axes to enforce right values in API usage.

Public Member Functions

 ChIrrGuiDriver (ChVehicleIrrApp &app)
 Construct an Irrlicht GUI driver. More...
virtual bool OnEvent (const irr::SEvent &event) override
 Intercept and process keyboard inputs. More...
virtual void Synchronize (double time) override
 Update the state of this driver system at the specified time.
virtual void Advance (double step) override
 Advance the state of this driver system by the specified time step.
void SetThrottleDelta (double delta)
 Set the increment in throttle input for each recorded keypress (default 1/50).
void SetSteeringDelta (double delta)
 Set the increment in steering input for each recorded keypress (default 1/50).
void SetBrakingDelta (double delta)
 Set the increment in braking input for each recorded keypress (default 1/50).
void SetStepsize (double val)
 Set the step size for integration of the internal driver dynamics.
void SetGains (double steering_gain, double throttle_gain, double braking_gain)
 Set gains for internal dynamics. More...
void SetInputDataFile (const std::string &filename)
 Set the input file for the underlying data driver.
void SetInputMode (InputMode mode)
 Set the current functioning mode.
std::string GetInputModeAsString () const
 Return the current functioning mode as a string.
void SetJoystickAxes (JoystickAxes tr_ax, JoystickAxes br_ax, JoystickAxes st_ax, JoystickAxes cl_ax)
 Set joystick axes: throttle, brake, steering, clutch.
JoystickAxes GetThrottleAxis (JoystickAxes tr_ax) const
 Get joystick axes for the throttle.
JoystickAxes GetBrakeAxis (JoystickAxes br_ax) const
 Get joystick axes for the brake.
JoystickAxes GetSteerAxis (JoystickAxes st_ax) const
 Get joystick axes for the steer.
JoystickAxes GetClutchAxis (JoystickAxes cl_ax) const
 Get joystick axes for the clutch.
void SetButtonCallback (int button, void(*cbfun)())
 Feed button number and callback function to implement a custom callback.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChDriver
 ChDriver (ChVehicle &vehicle)
double GetThrottle () const
 Get the driver throttle input (in the range [0,1])
double GetSteering () const
 Get the driver steering input (in the range [-1,+1])
double GetBraking () const
 Get the driver braking input (in the range [0,1])
Inputs GetInputs () const
 Get all current inputs at once.
virtual void Initialize ()
 Initialize this driver system.
bool LogInit (const std::string &filename)
 Initialize output file for recording driver inputs.
bool Log (double time)
 Record the current driver inputs to the log file.
void SetSteering (double val, double min_val=-1, double max_val=1)
 Overwrite the value for the driver steering input.
void SetThrottle (double val, double min_val=0, double max_val=1)
 Overwrite the value for the driver throttle input.
void SetBraking (double val, double min_val=0, double max_val=1)
 Overwrite the value for the driver braking input.

Protected Attributes

InputMode m_mode
 current mode of the driver
double m_steering_target
 current target value for steering input
double m_throttle_target
 current target value for throttle input
double m_braking_target
 current target value for braking input
double m_stepsize
 time step for internal dynamics
double m_steering_delta
 steering increment on each keypress
double m_throttle_delta
 throttle increment on each keypress
double m_braking_delta
 braking increment on each keypress
double m_steering_gain
 gain for steering internal dynamics
double m_throttle_gain
 gain for throttle internal dynamics
double m_braking_gain
 gain for braking internal dynamics
int m_dT
JoystickAxes throttle_axis = AXIS_Z
JoystickAxes brake_axis = AXIS_R
JoystickAxes steer_axis = AXIS_X
JoystickAxes clutch_axis = AXIS_Y
int callbackButton = -1
void(* cb_fun )() = nullptr
double m_time_shift
 time at which mode was switched to DATAFILE
std::shared_ptr< ChDataDriverm_data_driver
 embedded data driver (for playback)
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChDriver
 reference to associated vehicle
double m_throttle
 current value of throttle input
double m_steering
 current value of steering input
double m_braking
 current value of braking input

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ InputMode

Functioning modes for a ChIrrGuiDriver.


driver inputs locked at current values


driver inputs from keyboard


driver inputs from data file


driver inputs from joystick

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChIrrGuiDriver()

chrono::vehicle::ChIrrGuiDriver::ChIrrGuiDriver ( ChVehicleIrrApp app)

Construct an Irrlicht GUI driver.

Activates joysticks, if available

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnEvent()

bool chrono::vehicle::ChIrrGuiDriver::OnEvent ( const irr::SEvent &  event)

Intercept and process keyboard inputs.

Only handles joystick events

Driver only handles input every 16 ticks (~60 Hz)

Gear is set to reverse

Only interpret keyboard inputs.

◆ SetGains()

void chrono::vehicle::ChIrrGuiDriver::SetGains ( double  steering_gain,
double  throttle_gain,
double  braking_gain 

Set gains for internal dynamics.

Default values are 4.0.

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