chrono::irrlicht::ChIrrNodeProxyToAsset Class Reference


Class for proxy to ChAsset, it is a node with mesh in Irrlicht system and a shared pointer to the ChAsset to whom it corresponds.

Example: (with ascii art, with --> shared pointer, ...> raw pointer)

CHRONO side IRRLICHT side ChBody <......................._ ChIrrNodeAsset -----—> ChIrrNode ChBoxShape <-----------— ChIrrNodeProxyToAsset IMeshSceneNode ChSphereShape <---------— ChIrrNodeProxyToAsset IMeshSceneNode

#include <ChIrrNodeProxyToAsset.h>

Inherits ISceneNode.

Public Member Functions

 ChIrrNodeProxyToAsset (std::shared_ptr< ChAsset > asset, irr::scene::ISceneNode *parent)
virtual void render ()
virtual const irr::core::aabbox3d< irr::f32 > & getBoundingBox () const
ISceneNode * clone (ISceneNode *newParent, irr::scene::ISceneManager *newManager)
std::shared_ptr< ChAsset > & GetVisualizationAsset ()
 Get the associated visualization asset.
virtual void Update ()
 Update to reflect possible changes in the associated asset.
virtual irr::scene::ESCENE_NODE_TYPE getType () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChIrrNodeProxyToAsset()

chrono::irrlicht::ChIrrNodeProxyToAsset::ChIrrNodeProxyToAsset ( std::shared_ptr< ChAsset asset,
irr::scene::ISceneNode *  parent 
assetChrono visualization asset
parentparent node in Irrlicht hierarchy

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