Track shoe models

Chrono::Vehicle offers templates for both single-pin and double-pin track shoes, each of which can have central or lateral guiding pins. The single-pin track shoe consists of a single body with non-trivial contact geometry which is connected to its neighbors through revolute joints. The double-pin track shoe template contains, in addition to the main track pad body, two additional connector bodies which are connected through revolute joints to the adjacent pads and which carry the contact geometry for collision with the track's sprocket gears.

In addition, two different models of continuous-band tracks are available.

All track shoe templates are fully parameterized in terms of dimensions, masses and inertias of the constituent bodies, as well as their contact geometry.

Single-pin track shoe

See ChTrackShoeSinglePin and TrackShoeSinglePin.

Double-pin track shoe

See ChTrackShoeDoublePin and TrackShoeDoublePin.

Band-bushing track shoe

See ChTrackShoeBandBushing and TrackShoeBandBushing. See also the base class ChTrackShoeBand.

Band-ANCF track shoe

See ChTrackShoeBandANCF and ChTrackShoeBandANCF. See also the base class ChTrackShoeBand.