fast_matrix_market::GraphBLAS_typed< T > Struct Template Reference


template<typename T>
struct fast_matrix_market::GraphBLAS_typed< T >

GraphBLAS typed functions are duplicated with their type part of the function name.

This makes any call to these functions require a large switch statement. This template specializes each explicit GraphBLAS type so the logic methods can just use regular C++ templates.

Template Parameters
TC++ type that has a mapping to GraphBLAS.

#include <GraphBLAS.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static GrB_Type type ()
static GrB_Info build_matrix ([[maybe_unused]] GrB_Matrix mat, [[maybe_unused]] const GrB_Index *rows, [[maybe_unused]] const GrB_Index *cols, [[maybe_unused]] const T *vals, [[maybe_unused]] GrB_Index nvals)
static GrB_Info set_element ([[maybe_unused]] GrB_Scalar scalar, [[maybe_unused]] const T &x)
static GrB_Info GrB_Matrix_extractTuples ([[maybe_unused]] GrB_Index *I, [[maybe_unused]] T *X, [[maybe_unused]] GrB_Index *nvals, [[maybe_unused]] const GrB_Matrix &A)
static T GxB_Iterator_get ([[maybe_unused]] GxB_Iterator iterator)
static GrB_Info build_vector ([[maybe_unused]] GrB_Vector vec, [[maybe_unused]] const GrB_Index *indices, [[maybe_unused]] const T *vals, [[maybe_unused]] GrB_Index nvals)
static GrB_Info GrB_Vector_extractTuples ([[maybe_unused]] GrB_Index *I, [[maybe_unused]] T *X, [[maybe_unused]] GrB_Index *nvals, [[maybe_unused]] const GrB_Vector &A)

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