chrono::fsi::ChSystemFsi::ElasticMaterialProperties Struct Reference


Structure with elastic material properties.

Used if solving an SPH continuum representation of granular dynamics.

#include <ChSystemFsi.h>

Public Attributes

double Young_modulus
 Young's modulus.
double Poisson_ratio
 Poisson's ratio.
double stress
 Artifical stress.
double viscosity_alpha
 Artifical viscosity coefficient.
double viscosity_beta
 Artifical viscosity coefficient.
double mu_I0
 Reference Inertia number.
double mu_fric_s
 friction mu_s
double mu_fric_2
 mu_2 constant in mu=mu(I)
double average_diam
 average particle diameter
double friction_angle
 Frictional angle of granular material.
double dilation_angle
 Dilate angle of granular material.
double cohesion_coeff
 Cohesion coefficient.
double kernel_threshold
 Threshold of the integration of the kernel function.

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