chrono::fsi::ChCounters Struct Reference


Number of rigid and flexible solid bodies, fluid SPH particles, solid SPH particles, boundary SPH particles.

This structure holds the number of SPH particles and rigid/flexible bodies. Note that the order of makers in the memory is as follows: i) fluid particles (type = -1), ii) particles attached to fixed objects (boundary particles with type = 0), iii) particles attached to rigid bodies (type = 1), and iv) particles attached to flexible bodies (type = 2).

#include <ChFsiGeneral.h>

Public Attributes

size_t numRigidBodies
 Number of rigid bodies.
size_t numFlexNodes
 Number of Nodes in a flexible mesh; each FE is made up of nodes.
size_t numFlexBodies1D
 Number of 1D-Flexible bodies; each FE is one body.
size_t numFlexBodies2D
 Number of 2D-Flexible bodies; each FE is one body.
size_t numGhostMarkers
 Number of Ghost SPH particles that comes into play with Variable Resolution methods.
size_t numHelperMarkers
 Number of helper SPH particles that is used for merging particles.
size_t numFluidMarkers
 Number of fluid SPH particles.
size_t numBoundaryMarkers
 Number of BCE markers on boundaries.
size_t numRigidMarkers
 Number of BCE markers on rigid bodies.
size_t numFlexMarkers
 Number of BCE markers on flexible bodies.
size_t numAllMarkers
 Total number of particles in the simulation.
size_t startRigidMarkers
 Index of the first BCE marker that covers the first rigid body.
size_t startFlexMarkers
 Index of the first BCE marker that covers the first flexible body.

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