fast_matrix_market::triplet_formatter< LF, A_ITER, B_ITER, C_ITER > Class Template Reference


template<typename LF, typename A_ITER, typename B_ITER, typename C_ITER>
class fast_matrix_market::triplet_formatter< LF, A_ITER, B_ITER, C_ITER >

Format row, column, value vectors.

Value range may be empty (i.e. val_begin == val_end) to omit writing values at all. Useful for pattern matrices.

Template Parameters
C_ITERMust be a valid iterator, but if begin==end then the values are not written.

#include <formatters.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 triplet_formatter (LF lf, const A_ITER row_begin, const A_ITER row_end, const B_ITER col_begin, const B_ITER col_end, const C_ITER val_begin, const C_ITER val_end)
bool has_next () const
chunk next_chunk (const write_options &options)

Protected Attributes

LF line_formatter
A_ITER row_iter
A_ITER row_end
B_ITER col_iter
C_ITER val_iter
C_ITER val_end

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