fast_matrix_market::complex_parse_adapter< COMPLEX_HANDLER > Class Template Reference


template<typename COMPLEX_HANDLER>
class fast_matrix_market::complex_parse_adapter< COMPLEX_HANDLER >

A handler wrapper so that real/integer files can be read into std::complex matrices by setting all imaginary parts to zero.

as this adaptation is now done in the inner loops, negating the need for this.

#include <read_body.hpp>

Public Types

using coordinate_type = typename COMPLEX_HANDLER::coordinate_type
using complex_type = typename COMPLEX_HANDLER::value_type
using value_type = typename complex_type::value_type

Public Member Functions

 complex_parse_adapter (const COMPLEX_HANDLER &handler)
void handle (const coordinate_type row, const coordinate_type col, const pattern_placeholder_type &pat)
void handle (const coordinate_type row, const coordinate_type col, const value_type real)
complex_parse_adapter< COMPLEX_HANDLER > get_chunk_handler (int64_t offset_from_start)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr int flags = COMPLEX_HANDLER::flags

Protected Attributes


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