chrono::turtlebot::TurtleBot Class Reference


Turtlebot Robot class This class assemble and initialize a complete turtlebot robot This class also handles general control commands of the robot.

#include <Turtlebot.h>

Public Member Functions

 TurtleBot (ChSystem *system, const ChVector3d &robot_pos, const ChQuaternion<> &robot_rot, std::shared_ptr< ChContactMaterial > wheel_mat=nullptr)
void Initialize ()
 Initialize the turtlebot robot using current parameters. More...
void SetMotorSpeed (double rad_speed, WheelID id)
 Set active drive wheel speed.
ChVector3d GetActiveWheelSpeed (WheelID id)
 Get active drive wheel speed.
ChVector3d GetActiveWheelAngVel (WheelID id)
 Get active driver wheel angular velocity.

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