chrono::synchrono::SynBrain Class Referenceabstract


Base class for any brain - must Advance the state of physics, Synchronize state with others and Process Messages.

#include <SynBrain.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::synchrono::SynBrain:

Public Member Functions

 SynBrain (int rank)
virtual ~SynBrain ()
virtual void Advance (double step)=0
 Advance the state of this brain until brain time syncs with passed time.
virtual void Synchronize (double time)=0
 Synchronize this brain to the specified time.
virtual void ProcessMessage (SynMessage *msg)=0
 Process an incoming message.
virtual void GenerateMessagesToSend (std::vector< SynMessage * > &messages)=0
 Generate vector of SynMessage's to send.
int GetRank ()
 Get this brain's rank.

Protected Attributes

int m_rank
 rank of this brain

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