chrono::particlefactory::ChRandomParticlePositionOnGeometry Class Reference


Class for generator of random particle positions scattered over a parametric surface.

#include <ChRandomParticlePosition.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ChVector3d RandomPosition () override
 Function that creates a random position each time it is called.
void SetGeometry (std::shared_ptr< ChGeometry > geometry, const ChFrame<> &frame)
 Set the parametric surface used for this outlet. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetGeometry()

void chrono::particlefactory::ChRandomParticlePositionOnGeometry::SetGeometry ( std::shared_ptr< ChGeometry geometry,
const ChFrame<> &  frame 

Set the parametric surface used for this outlet.

The surface will be sampled uniformly over its U,V parametric coordinates. In cas of lines, oly U is used, in case of parametric volumes, U,V,W.

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