chrono::particlefactory::ChParticleEventFlowInRectangle Class Reference


Trigger an event each time a particle flows into a rectangle.

Rectangle is defined with a coordinate system, in the center, and two X Y sizes. This is triggered only if the particle is flowing from positive Z to negative Z. Note! there is a 'margin' parameter that must be greater than zero: only particles that in the neighborhood of the rectangle (less distant than the margin) are considered, to save computational time. Too small margin might miss some fast-travelin particles, so margin should be at least 'max particle speed' * dt.

#include <ChParticleEventTrigger.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChParticleEventFlowInRectangle (double mXsize=1, double mYsize=1)
virtual bool TriggerEvent (std::shared_ptr< ChBody > mbody, ChSystem &msystem)
 This function triggers the a particle event according to the fact the the particle is crossing a rectangle.
virtual void SetupPostProcess (ChSystem &msystem)
 Children classes might optionally implement this. More...
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virtual void SetupPreProcess (ChSystem &msystem)
 Children classes might optionally implement this. More...

Public Attributes

double Xsize
double Ysize
double margin
ChCoordsys rectangle_csys
ChVector3d last_intersectionUV

Protected Attributes

std::unordered_map< size_t, _particle_last_pos > last_positions

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetupPostProcess()

virtual void chrono::particlefactory::ChParticleEventFlowInRectangle::SetupPostProcess ( ChSystem msystem)

Children classes might optionally implement this.

The ChParticleProcessor will call this once, after each ProcessParticles()

Reimplemented from chrono::particlefactory::ChParticleEventTrigger.

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