chrono::collision_measures Class Reference



This structure contains all measures associated with the collision detection step of Chrono::Multicore.

#include <ChMeasures.h>

Collaboration diagram for chrono::collision_measures:

Public Attributes

real3 min_bounding_point
 The minimal global bounding point.
real3 max_bounding_point
 The maximum global bounding point.
real3 global_origin
 The global zero point.
real3 bin_size
 Vector holding bin sizes for each dimension.
real3 inv_bin_size
 Vector holding inverse bin sizes for each dimension.
uint number_of_bins_active
 Number of active bins (containing 1+ AABBs)
uint number_of_bin_intersections
 Number of AABB bin intersections.
uint number_of_contacts_possible
 Number of contacts possible from broadphase.
real3 rigid_min_bounding_point
real3 rigid_max_bounding_point
vec3 ff_bins_per_axis
real3 ff_min_bounding_point
real3 ff_max_bounding_point
vec3 tet_bins_per_axis
real3 tet_min_bounding_point
real3 tet_max_bounding_point

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