Base class for specifying material properties for contact force generation.

#include <ChMaterialSurface.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::ChMaterialSurface:

Public Member Functions

virtual ChMaterialSurfaceClone () const =0
 "Virtual" copy constructor.
virtual ChContactMethod GetContactMethod () const =0
void SetSfriction (float val)
 Static sliding friction coefficient. More...
float GetSfriction () const
void SetKfriction (float val)
 Kinetic sliding friction coefficient.
float GetKfriction () const
void SetFriction (float val)
 Set both static friction and kinetic friction at once, with same value.
void SetRollingFriction (float val)
 Rolling friction coefficient. Usually around 1E-3. Default 0.
float GetRollingFriction () const
void SetSpinningFriction (float val)
 Spinning friction coefficient. Usually around 1E-3. Default 0.
float GetSpinningFriction () const
void SetRestitution (float val)
 Normal coefficient of restitution. In the range [0,1]. Default 0.
float GetRestitution () const
virtual void ArchiveOut (ChArchiveOut &marchive)
virtual void ArchiveIn (ChArchiveIn &marchive)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::shared_ptr< ChMaterialSurfaceDefaultMaterial (ChContactMethod contact_method)
 Construct and return a contact material of the specified type with default properties.

Public Attributes

float static_friction
 Static coefficient of friction.
float sliding_friction
 Kinetic coefficient of friction.
float rolling_friction
 Rolling coefficient of friction.
float spinning_friction
 Spinning coefficient of friction.
float restitution
 Coefficient of restitution.

Protected Member Functions

 ChMaterialSurface (const ChMaterialSurface &other)

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetSfriction()

void chrono::ChMaterialSurface::SetSfriction ( float  val)

Static sliding friction coefficient.

Usually in 0..1 range, rarely above. Default 0.6.

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