chrono::ChLinkLimit Class Reference


Class for limits in ChLinkLock joints.

#include <ChLinkLimit.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChLinkLimit (const ChLinkLimit &other)
ChLinkLimitClone () const
bool IsActive () const
void SetActive (bool val)
bool IsPenalty () const
bool IsPolar () const
bool IsRotation () const
void SetPenalty (bool val)
void SetPolar (bool val)
void SetRotation (bool val)
double GetMax () const
double GetMin () const
double GetMaxCushion () const
double GetMinCushion () const
double GetSpringCoefficientMax () const
double GetSpringCoefficientMin () const
double GetDampingCoefficientMax () const
double GetDampingCoefficientMin () const
double GetPolarAngleMax (double pol_ang) const
void SetMax (double val)
void SetMin (double val)
void SetMaxCushion (double val)
void SetMinCushion (double val)
void SetSpringCoefficientMax (double val)
void SetSpringCoefficientMin (double val)
void SetDampingCoefficientMax (double val)
void SetDampingCoefficientMin (double val)
void SetSpringModulationMax (std::shared_ptr< ChFunction > funct)
void SetSpringModulationMin (std::shared_ptr< ChFunction > funct)
void SetDamperModulationMax (std::shared_ptr< ChFunction > funct)
void SetDamperModulationMin (std::shared_ptr< ChFunction > funct)
void SetPolarAngleModulationMax (std::shared_ptr< ChFunction > funct)
std::shared_ptr< ChFunctionGetSpringModulationMax () const
std::shared_ptr< ChFunctionGetSpringModulationMin () const
std::shared_ptr< ChFunctionGetDamperModulationMax () const
std::shared_ptr< ChFunctionGetDamperModulationMin () const
std::shared_ptr< ChFunctionGetPolarAngleModulationMax () const
double GetViolation (double x) const
 Return negative violation when x<min, or positive if x>max.
double GetForceTorque (double x, double x_dt) const
double GetPolarForce (double x, double x_dt, double pol_ang) const
void ArchiveOut (ChArchiveOut &archive_out)
 Method to allow serialization of transient data to archives.
void ArchiveIn (ChArchiveIn &archive_in)
 Method to allow deserialization of transient data from archives.

Public Attributes

ChConstraintTwoBodies constr_upper
ChConstraintTwoBodies constr_lower

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