chrono::ChHydraulicCylinder Class Reference


ChHydraulicCylinder - a simple hydraulic cylinder Schematic:

  |  1  |  2           |        F+
  |     |-------------------    -->
  |_____|______________|        s+
    l1         l2

#include <ChHydraulicCircuit.h>

Public Member Functions

void SetDimensions (double piston_diameter, double rod_diameter)
 Set the piston and rod diameters.
void SetInitialChamberPressures (double pison_side, double rod_side)
 Set initial pressures in the cylinder chambers [N/m^2].
void SetInitialChamberLengths (double piston_side, double rod_side)
 Set the initial location of the piston in the cylinder chamber [m].
const Vec2 & GetAreas () const
 Get the cross-section areas of the two chambers.
Vec2 ComputeChamberLengths (double Delta_s) const
 Calculate current chamber lengths.
Vec2 ComputeChamberVolumes (const Vec2 &L) const
 Calculate current chamber volumes.
double EvalForce (const Vec2 &p, double Delta_s, double sd)
 Evaluate the force at the rod.


class ChHydraulicActuatorBase

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