chrono::ChFile_ps_axis_setting Class Reference


Class for settings of an axis (x or y, or t) of a 2D plotting of a function on a EPS file.

#include <ChFilePS.h>

Collaboration diagram for chrono::ChFile_ps_axis_setting:

Public Member Functions

void InitializeDefaults ()
bool SetLabel (char *ml)

Public Attributes

bool axis
ChFile_ps_color axis_color
double axis_width
bool ticks
double ticks_step
double ticks_width
char label [PS_STRLEN_LABEL]
ChFile_ps_color label_color
double label_fontsize
int label_fontname
bool numbers
ChFile_ps_color numbers_color
double numbers_fontsize
double min
double max

Static Public Attributes

static const int PS_STRLEN_LABEL = 100

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