Here is a list of all modules:
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 Chrono::EngineCore Functionality
 Physics objects
 Geometric objects
 Collision detection
 Finite Element Analysis
 Visual asset objects
 Linear algebra
 Time integrators
 Function objects
 Particle factory
 Multicore math
 Utility classes
 CASCADE moduleTools for interoperation with CAD files
 FMI moduleFMU export and import functionality
 FSI moduleFluid-Solid Interation modeling and simulation
 Physics objectsPhysics objects for the Chrono::FSI module. Including the fluid dynamics system, force system, interface with Chrono core module, simulation parameters, and data structures
 Collision objectsCollision objects handles the neighbor particle searching in Chrono::FSI module
 Linear solversClass for solving a linear linear system via iterative methods. Only works when I2SPH or IISPH is set to solve the fluid dynamics
 Modeling utilitiesHandles utilities including creating BCE particles, setting parameters via a JSON file, and output data into files with specified format
 Math utilitiesMath utilities for the Chrono::FSI module. These functions can be invoked either on the CPU (host) or on the GPU (device)
 GPU moduleModule for GPU parallel simulation
 Physics objects
 CUDA functions
 IRRLICHT moduleRuntime visualization with Irrlicht
 MATLAB moduleInteroperation with Matlab(TM)
 MODAL moduleModal analysis and substructuring
 ModelsCollections of Chrono models
 Vehicle modelsCollection of concrete ground vehicle models
 Robot modelsCollection of robotic system models
 MULTICORE moduleModule for multicore parallel simulation
 Physics objects
 Unilateral constraints
 Collision objects
 Math utilities
 MUMPS moduleModule for the MUMPS direct solver
 OpenGL moduleRuntime visualization with OpenGL
 Pardiso MKL moduleModule for the Intel MKL library Pardiso direct solver
 Parsers moduleParsers for various input data formats
 POSTPROCESS modulePostprocessing tools (for POVray animations, GNUplot, etc.)
 ROS moduleInterface to the Robot Operating System (ROS)
 ROS Core
 ROS HandlersROS Handlers
 SENSOR moduleModeling and simulation of sensors
 Sensor Data Buffers
 Sensor Filters
 CUDA Wrapper Functions
 OptiX-Based Code
 TensorRT-Based Code
 C# moduleChrono C# wrappers
 SYNCHRONO moduleDistributed agent-level simulation
 Core SynChrono
 Controllers and Drivers
 Flatbuffer Messages
 VEHICLE moduleGround vehicle modeling and simulation
 Driver system
 Powertrain system
 Terrain system
 Utility classes
 Run-time visualization
 Wheeled vehiclesWheeled vehicle subsystems
 Tracked vehiclesTracked vehicle subsystems
 Co-simulationCo-simulation support for vehicle-terrain interaction
 VSG moduleRuntime visualization with VSG