chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode Class Referenceabstract


Base class for all MBS nodes with tracks.

#include <ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual NodeType GetNodeType () const override
 Return the node type as NodeType::MBS_TRACKED.
void SetNumThreads (int num_threads)
 Set the number of OpenMP threads used in Chrono simulation (default: 1).
void SetIntegratorType (ChTimestepper::Type int_type, ChSolver::Type slv_type)
 Set integrator and solver types. More...
void SetChassisFixed (bool val)
 Fix the chassis to ground (default: false).
void AttachDrawbarPullRig (std::shared_ptr< ChVehicleCosimDBPRig > rig)
 Attach a drawbar pull rig to the MBS system.
std::shared_ptr< ChVehicleCosimDBPRigGetDrawbarPullRig () const
 Return the drawbar-pull rig, if one is attached.
virtual void Initialize () override final
 Initialize this node. More...
virtual void Synchronize (int step_number, double time) override final
 Synchronize this node. More...
virtual void Advance (double step_size) override final
 Advance simulation. More...
virtual void OutputData (int frame) override final
 Output logging and debugging data.
virtual void OutputVisualizationData (int frame) override final
 Output post-processing visualization data.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
std::string GetNodeTypeString () const
 Return the node type as a string.
bool IsCosimNode () const
 Return true if this node is part of the co-simulation infrastructure.
void SetStepSize (double step)
 Set the integration step size (default: 1e-4).
double GetStepSize () const
 Get the integration step size.
void SetOutDir (const std::string &dir_name, const std::string &suffix)
 Set the name of the output directory and an identifying suffix. More...
void SetVerbose (bool verbose)
 Enable/disable verbose messages during simulation (default: true).
const std::string & GetOutDirName () const
 Get the output directory name for this node.
double GetStepExecutionTime () const
 Get the simulation execution time for the current step on this node. More...
double GetTotalExecutionTime () const
 Get the cumulative simulation execution time on this node.
virtual void WriteCheckpoint (const std::string &filename) const
 Write checkpoint to the specified file (which will be created in the output directory).

Protected Member Functions

 ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode ()
 Construct a base class tracked MBS node.
virtual void InitializeMBS (const ChVector2<> &terrain_size, double terrain_height)=0
 Initialize the underlying MBS. More...
virtual ChVehicleGeometry GetTrackShoeContactGeometry () const =0
 Return terrain contact geometry and material information for one track shoe.
virtual double GetTrackShoeMass () const =0
 Return mass of one track shoe.
virtual void PreAdvance ()
 Perform any required operations before advancing the state of the MBS. More...
virtual void PostAdvance ()
 Perform any required operations after advancing the state of the MBS. More...
virtual void OnOutputData (int frame)
 Perform additional output at the specified frame (called from within OutputData). More...
virtual void ApplyTrackShoeForce (int track_id, int shoe_id, const TerrainForce &force)=0
 Apply the provided force to the specified track shoe body This function is called during synchronization when the force is received from the corresponding track node.
virtual int GetNumTracks () const =0
 Get the number of track subsystems defined by the underlying MBS.
virtual size_t GetNumTrackShoes (int track_id) const =0
 Return the number of track shoes in the specified track subsystem.
virtual size_t GetNumTrackShoes () const =0
 Return the total number of track shoes (in all track subsystems).
virtual std::shared_ptr< ChBodyGetTrackShoeBody (int track_id, int shoe_id) const =0
 Return the specified track shoe.
virtual BodyState GetTrackShoeState (int track_id, int shoe_id) const =0
 Get the body state of the specified track shoe body.
virtual std::shared_ptr< ChBodyGetChassisBody () const =0
 Get the "chassis" body. More...
virtual double GetSprocketAddendumRadius () const =0
 Get the sprocket addendum radius (for slip calculation).
virtual void OnInitializeDBPRig (std::shared_ptr< ChFunction > func)=0
 Impose sprocket angular speed function. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
 ChVehicleCosimBaseNode (const std::string &name)
void SendGeometry (const ChVehicleGeometry &geom, int dest) const
void RecvGeometry (ChVehicleGeometry &geom, int source) const

Protected Attributes

 containing system
ChTimestepper::Type m_int_type
 integrator type
ChSolver::Type m_slv_type
 solver type
std::shared_ptr< ChTimestepperHHTm_integrator
 HHT integrator object.
std::shared_ptr< ChVehicleCosimDBPRigm_DBP_rig
 DBP rig.
std::ofstream m_DBP_outf
 DBP output file stream.
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
int m_rank
 MPI rank of this node (in MPI_COMM_WORLD)
double m_step_size
 integration step size
std::string m_name
 name of the node
std::string m_out_dir
 top-level output directory
std::string m_node_out_dir
 node-specific output directory
std::ofstream m_outf
 output file stream
unsigned int m_num_wheeled_mbs_nodes
unsigned int m_num_tracked_mbs_nodes
unsigned int m_num_terrain_nodes
unsigned int m_num_tire_nodes
ChTimer< double > m_timer
 timer for integration cost
double m_cum_sim_time
 cumulative integration cost
bool m_verbose
 verbose messages during simulation?

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
enum  NodeType { NodeType::MBS_WHEELED, NodeType::MBS_TRACKED, NodeType::TERRAIN, NodeType::TIRE }
 Type of node participating in co-simulation. More...
enum  InterfaceType { InterfaceType::BODY, InterfaceType::MESH }
 Type of the tire-terrain communication interface. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
static std::string OutputFilename (const std::string &dir, const std::string &root, const std::string &ext, int frame, int frame_digits)
 Utility function for creating an output file name. More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode
static const double m_gacc = -9.81

Member Function Documentation

◆ Advance()

void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode::Advance ( double  step_size)

Advance simulation.

This function is called after a synchronization to allow the node to advance its state by the specified time step. A node is allowed to take as many internal integration steps as required, but no inter-node communication should occur.

Implements chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode.

◆ GetChassisBody()

virtual std::shared_ptr<ChBody> chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode::GetChassisBody ( ) const
protectedpure virtual

Get the "chassis" body.

Only used is a drawbar-pull rig is attached.

◆ Initialize()

void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode::Initialize ( )

Initialize this node.

This function allows the node to initialize itself and, optionally, perform an initial data exchange with any other node.

Reimplemented from chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode.

◆ InitializeMBS()

virtual void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode::InitializeMBS ( const ChVector2<> &  terrain_size,
double  terrain_height 
protectedpure virtual

Initialize the underlying MBS.

terrain_sizeterrain length x width
terrain_heightinitial terrain height

◆ OnInitializeDBPRig()

virtual void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode::OnInitializeDBPRig ( std::shared_ptr< ChFunction func)
protectedpure virtual

Impose sprocket angular speed function.

This function is called (during initialization, after the call to InitializeMBS) only if a drawbar-pull rig is attached. A derived class must enforce the specified angular speed on all sprockets and, if appropriate, disconnect any other power transmission mechanism (such as a powertrain/driveline).

◆ OnOutputData()

virtual void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode::OnOutputData ( int  frame)

Perform additional output at the specified frame (called from within OutputData).

For example, output mechanism-specific data for post-procesing.

◆ PostAdvance()

virtual void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode::PostAdvance ( )

Perform any required operations after advancing the state of the MBS.

This function is called after every integration step.

◆ PreAdvance()

virtual void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode::PreAdvance ( )

Perform any required operations before advancing the state of the MBS.

This function is called before every integration step.

◆ SetIntegratorType()

void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode::SetIntegratorType ( ChTimestepper::Type  int_type,
ChSolver::Type  slv_type 

Set integrator and solver types.

For the MKL solver, use slv_type = ChSolver::Type::CUSTOM.

int_typeintegrator type (default: HHT)
slv_typesolver type (default:: MKL)

◆ Synchronize()

void chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimTrackedMBSNode::Synchronize ( int  step_number,
double  time 

Synchronize this node.

This function is called at every co-simulation synchronization time to allow the node to exchange information with any other node.

Implements chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleCosimBaseNode.

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