Suspension models

Different suspension configurations are available, including torsion spring with linear or rotational dampers and a hydropneumatic suspension template. A track assembly can contain an arbitrary number of suspension subsystems which, for the templates using a torsion spring, may or may not include a damper. A Chrono::Vehicle suspension subsystem also contains a road-wheel, themselves templatized based on the type of track shoe used (central or lateral guiding pins).

Similar to the case of wheeled vehicle, a tracked vehicle suspension template allows complete freedom in specifying spring and damper forces which can be linear or non-linear, defined through table lookup or implemented in user-provided C++ functions.

Road-wheel assembly models

Linear damper suspension

See ChLinearDamperRWAssembly and LinearDamperRWAssembly.

Rotational damper suspension

See ChRotationalDamperRWAssembly and RotationalDamperRWAssembly.

Road-wheel models

Central-pin road wheel

See ChSingleRoadWheel and SingleRoadWheel.

Lateral-pin road wheel

See ChDoubleRoadWheel and DoubleRoadWheel.