chrono::fsi::NumberOfObjects Struct Reference


Number of fluid markers, solid bodies, solid markers, boundary markers.

This structure holds necessary information for the fsi system to be finalized. Note that the order of makers in the memory is as follows: i) fluid markers, ii) markers attached to fixed objects (boundary markers), iii) markers attached to rigid bodies, and iv) markers attached to flexible bodies

Public Attributes

size_t numRigidBodies
 Number of rigid bodies.
size_t numFlexNodes
 Number of Nodes in a flexible mesh, Each FE is made up of nodes.
size_t numFlexBodies1D
 Number of 1D-Flexible bodies, Each FE is one body.
size_t numFlexBodies2D
 Number of 2D-Flexible bodies, Each FE is one body.
size_t numGhostMarkers
 Number of Ghost SPH markers that comes into play with Variable Resolution methods.
size_t numHelperMarkers
 Number of helper SPH markers that is used for merging particles.
size_t numFluidMarkers
 Number of fluid SPH markers.
size_t numBoundaryMarkers
 Number of boundary SPH markers.
size_t startRigidMarkers
 Index of the first SPH marker that covers the first rigid body.
size_t startFlexMarkers
 Index of the first SPH marker that covers the first flexible body.
size_t numRigid_SphMarkers
 Number of SPH markers attached to rigid bodies.
size_t numFlex_SphMarkers
 Number of SPH markers attached to flexible bodies.
size_t numAllMarkers
 Total number of SPH markers in the simulation.

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