LittleHexy copter model


Collaboration diagram for LittleHexy copter model:


class  chrono::copter::Copter< nop >
 Base class for any copter, template parameter nop is the number of propellers. More...
class  chrono::copter::Little_Hexy
 Little hexy (hexacopter) model. More...


 chrono::copter::Copter< nop >::Copter (ChSystem &sys, const ChVector<> &cpos, std::vector< ChVector<>> ppos, const bool clockwise[], bool are_prop_pos_rel=true, bool z_up=false)
void chrono::copter::Copter< nop >::SetPropellerData (double mass, const ChVector<> &inerXX, double diam, double thrust_coeff, double power_coeff, double max_rpm)
 Set the propeller properties. More...
void chrono::copter::Copter< nop >::AddVisualizationAssets (const std::string &chassismesh, const std::string &propellermesh, const ChFrame<> &cor_m1, const ChFrame<> &cor_m2)
 Add generic triangular meshes to the chassis and the propellers.
void chrono::copter::Copter< nop >::ControlIncremental (double inputs[nop])
 Increment propeller angular velocity.
void chrono::copter::Copter< nop >::ControlAbsolute (double inputs[nop])
 Set Propellers angular velocity.
void chrono::copter::Copter< nop >::Update (double timestep)
 Update the copter internal physics.

Function Documentation

◆ Copter()

template<int nop>
chrono::copter::Copter< nop >::Copter ( ChSystem sys,
const ChVector<> &  cpos,
std::vector< ChVector<>>  ppos,
const bool  clockwise[],
bool  are_prop_pos_rel = true,
bool  z_up = false 
syscontaining physical system
cposchassis position
ppospropeller relative position
clockwiserotation direction ofr each propeller
are_prop_pos_relif false, propeller axes position has to be given in the abs frame
z_uporientation of vertical axis

◆ SetPropellerData()

template<int nop>
void chrono::copter::Copter< nop >::SetPropellerData ( double  mass,
const ChVector<> &  inerXX,
double  diam,
double  thrust_coeff,
double  power_coeff,
double  max_rpm 

Set the propeller properties.

Coefficient as eq 6.29 of "Aerodynamics, Aeronautics, and Flight Mechanics" by McCormick.

masspropeller mass
inerXXpropeller diagonal inertia (axis assumed principal)
diampropeller diameter
thrust_coeffpropeller thrust coefficient
power_coeffpropeller power coefficient
max_rpmpropeller maximum revolutions per minute