Manager for the OpenGL context and window.

#include <ChOpenGLWindow.h>

Collaboration diagram for chrono::opengl::ChOpenGLWindow:

Public Member Functions

void Initialize (int size_x, int size_y, const char *title, ChSystem *msystem)
void StartDrawLoop (double time_step)
bool DoStepDynamics (double time_step)
void Render ()
bool Active ()
bool Running ()
void Pause ()
void SetCamera (ChVector<> pos, ChVector<> look, ChVector<> up, float scale=0.5f, float near_clip_dist=0.1f, float far_clip_dist=1000.0f)
void SetRenderMode (RenderMode mode)

Static Public Member Functions

static ChOpenGLWindowgetInstance ()
static void GLFWGetVersion (GLFWwindow *main_window)

Public Attributes


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