chrono::ChSharedMassBody Class Reference


Used by ChVariablesBodySharedMass objects to reference a single mass property.

#include <ChVariablesBodySharedMass.h>

Collaboration diagram for chrono::ChSharedMassBody:

Public Member Functions

void SetBodyInertia (const ChMatrix33<> &minertia)
 Set the inertia matrix.
void SetBodyMass (const double mmass)
 Set the mass associated with translation of body.
ChMatrix33GetBodyInertia ()
 Access the 3x3 inertia matrix.
const ChMatrix33GetBodyInertia () const
ChMatrix33GetBodyInvInertia ()
 Access the 3x3 inertia matrix inverted.
const ChMatrix33GetBodyInvInertia () const
double GetBodyMass () const
 Get the mass associated with translation of body.
void ArchiveOUT (ChArchiveOut &marchive)
 Method to allow serialization of transient data to archives.
void ArchiveIN (ChArchiveIn &marchive)
 Method to allow de-serialization of transient data from archives.

Public Attributes

ChMatrix33< double > inertia
 3x3 inertia matrix
double mass
 mass value
ChMatrix33< double > inv_inertia
 inverse of inertia matrix
double inv_mass
 inverse of mass value

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