chrono::ChMaterialCompositeSMC Class Reference


Composite SMC material data for a contact pair.

#include <ChMaterialSurfaceSMC.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChMaterialCompositeSMC (ChMaterialCompositionStrategy *strategy, std::shared_ptr< ChMaterialSurfaceSMC > mat1, std::shared_ptr< ChMaterialSurfaceSMC > mat2)

Public Attributes

float E_eff
 Effective elasticity modulus.
float G_eff
 Effective shear modulus.
float mu_eff
 Effective coefficient of friction.
float muRoll_eff
 Effective coefficient of rolling friction.
float muSpin_eff
 Effective coefficient of spinning friction.
float cr_eff
 Effective coefficient of restitution.
float adhesion_eff
 Effective cohesion force.
float adhesionMultDMT_eff
 Effective adhesion multiplier (DMT model)
float adhesionSPerko_eff
 Effective adhesion multiplier (Perko model)
float kn
 normal stiffness coefficient
float kt
 tangential stiffness coefficient
float gn
 normal viscous damping coefficient
float gt
 tangential viscuous damping coefficient

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