chrono::ChLoaderUatomic Class Reference


Class of loaders for ChLoadableU objects (which support line loads) of atomic type, that is, with a concentrated load in a point Pu.

#include <ChLoaderU.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChLoaderUatomic (std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableU > mloadable)
virtual void ComputeQ (ChVectorDynamic<> *state_x, ChVectorDynamic<> *state_w) override
 Computes Q = N'*F. More...
void SetApplication (double mu)
 Set the position, on the surface where the atomic load is applied.
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 ChLoaderU (std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableU > mloadable)
virtual void ComputeF (const double U, ChVectorDynamic<> &F, ChVectorDynamic<> *state_x, ChVectorDynamic<> *state_w)=0
 Children classes must provide this function that evaluates F = F(u) This will be evaluated during ComputeQ() to perform integration over the domain. More...
void SetLoadable (std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableU > mloadable)
virtual std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableGetLoadable () override
std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableUGetLoadableU ()
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virtual bool IsStiff ()

Public Attributes

double Pu
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std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableUloadable
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ChVectorDynamic Q

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef ChLoadableU type_loadable

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComputeQ()

virtual void chrono::ChLoaderUatomic::ComputeQ ( ChVectorDynamic<> *  state_x,
ChVectorDynamic<> *  state_w 

Computes Q = N'*F.

state_xif != 0, update state (pos. part) to this, then evaluate Q
state_wif != 0, update state (speed part) to this, then evaluate Q

Implements chrono::ChLoader.

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