Node for the list of functions in a ChFunction_Sequence object.

#include <ChFunction_Sequence.h>

Public Member Functions

void SetDuration (double mdur)
void SetTend (double mt_end)
 ChFseqNode (std::shared_ptr< ChFunction > myfx, double mdur)
 ChFseqNode (const ChFseqNode &other)
void ArchiveOUT (ChArchiveOut &marchive)
 Method to allow serialization of transient data to archives.
void ArchiveIN (ChArchiveIn &marchive)
 Method to allow de-serialization of transient data from archives.

Public Attributes

std::shared_ptr< ChFunctionfx
double duration
double weight
double t_start
double t_end
double Iy
double Iydt
double Iydtdt
bool y_cont
bool ydt_cont
bool ydtdt_cont

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