chrono::vehicle::RigidTerrain::Patch Class Referenceabstract


Definition of a patch in a rigid terrain model.

#include <RigidTerrain.h>

Public Member Functions

void SetContactFrictionCoefficient (float friction_coefficient)
 Set coefficient of friction. More...
void SetContactRestitutionCoefficient (float restitution_coefficient)
 Set coefficient of restitution. More...
void SetContactMaterialProperties (float young_modulus, float poisson_ratio)
 Set contact material properties. More...
void SetContactMaterialCoefficients (float kn, float gn, float kt, float gt)
 Set contact material coefficients. More...
void SetColor (const ChColor &color)
 Set visualization color. More...
void SetTexture (const std::string &tex_file, float tex_scale_x=1, float tex_scale_y=1)
 Set texture properties. More...
std::shared_ptr< ChBodyGetGroundBody () const
 Return a handle to the ground body.

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool FindPoint (double x, double y, double &height, ChVector<> &normal) const =0
virtual void ExportMeshPovray (const std::string &out_dir, bool smoothed=false)

Protected Attributes

PatchType m_type
 type of this patch
std::shared_ptr< ChBodym_body
 associated body
float m_friction
 coefficient of friction
double m_radius
 bounding sphere radius


class RigidTerrain

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetColor()

void chrono::vehicle::RigidTerrain::Patch::SetColor ( const ChColor color)

Set visualization color.

[in]colorcolor of the visualization material

◆ SetContactFrictionCoefficient()

void chrono::vehicle::RigidTerrain::Patch::SetContactFrictionCoefficient ( float  friction_coefficient)

Set coefficient of friction.

The default value is 0.7

◆ SetContactMaterialCoefficients()

void chrono::vehicle::RigidTerrain::Patch::SetContactMaterialCoefficients ( float  kn,
float  gn,
float  kt,
float  gt 

Set contact material coefficients.

These values are used directly to compute contact forces (if the containing system is so configured and if the SMC contact method is being used). The default values are: kn=2e5, gn=40, kt=2e5, gt=20

[in]knnormal contact stiffness
[in]gnnormal contact damping
[in]kttangential contact stiffness
[in]gttangential contact damping

◆ SetContactMaterialProperties()

void chrono::vehicle::RigidTerrain::Patch::SetContactMaterialProperties ( float  young_modulus,
float  poisson_ratio 

Set contact material properties.

These values are used to calculate contact material coefficients (if the containing system is so configured and if the SMC contact method is being used). The default values are: Y = 2e5 and nu = 0.3

[in]young_modulusYoung's modulus of elasticity
[in]poisson_ratioPoisson ratio

◆ SetContactRestitutionCoefficient()

void chrono::vehicle::RigidTerrain::Patch::SetContactRestitutionCoefficient ( float  restitution_coefficient)

Set coefficient of restitution.

The default value is 0.1

◆ SetTexture()

void chrono::vehicle::RigidTerrain::Patch::SetTexture ( const std::string &  tex_file,
float  tex_scale_x = 1,
float  tex_scale_y = 1 

Set texture properties.

[in]tex_filetexture filename
[in]tex_scale_xtexture scale in X
[in]tex_scale_ytexture scale in Y

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