Project Chrono API/SDK documentation

Brief Introduction

High level overview of Chrono's features and capabilities.

Installation Guides

Instructions for configuring, building, and installing Chrono and its optional modules.

Instructions on how to set up a project that uses Chrono.

Chrono Reference Manual

Detailed documentation of Chrono's main features.

Chrono::Vehicle Reference Manual

Ground vehicle modeling and simulation with the Chrono::Vehicle module


Documentation of PyChrono, the Chrono library for Python


The experimental add-on for exporting CAD data from SolidWorks


Basic example code for various features in Chrono. Rather verbose, good place to get started on how to use Chrono.

Chrono 3.0.0 training material

Training material (PowerPoint slides and PDF) used in various week-long Chrono tutorials offered in the past.