chrono::ChParallelDataManager Class Reference


Global data manager for Chrono::Parallel.

#include <ChDataManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

int OutputBlazeVector (DynamicVector< real > src, std::string filename)
 Output a vector (one dimensional matrix) from blaze to a file.
int OutputBlazeMatrix (CompressedMatrix< real > src, std::string filename)
 Output a sparse blaze matrix to a file.
int ExportCurrentSystem (std::string output_dir)
 Convenience function that outputs all of the data associated for a system. More...
void PrintMatrix (CompressedMatrix< real > src)

Public Attributes

host_container host_data
 Structure that contains the data on the host, the naming convention is from when the code supported the GPU (host vs device).
shape_container shape_data
std::shared_ptr< ChSystemDescriptorsystem_descriptor
 This pointer is used by the bilarerals for computing the jacobian and other terms.
std::shared_ptr< Ch3DOFContainernode_container
std::shared_ptr< Ch3DOFContainerfea_container
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< ChBody > > * body_list
 List of bodies.
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< ChLinkBase > > * link_list
 List of bilaterals.
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< ChPhysicsItem > > * other_physics_list
 List to other items.
uint num_rigid_bodies
 The number of rigid bodies in a system.
uint num_fluid_bodies
 The number of fluid bodies in the system.
uint num_shafts
 The number of shafts in a system.
uint num_motors
 The number of motor links with 1 state variable.
uint num_linmotors
 The number of linear speed motors.
uint num_rotmotors
 The number of rotation speed motors.
uint num_dof
 The number of degrees of freedom in the system.
uint num_rigid_shapes
 The number of collision models in a system.
uint num_rigid_contacts
 The number of contacts between rigid bodies in a system.
uint num_rigid_fluid_contacts
 The number of contacts between rigid and fluid objects.
uint num_fluid_contacts
 The number of contacts between fluid objects.
uint num_unilaterals
 The number of contact constraints.
uint num_bilaterals
 The number of bilateral constraints.
uint num_constraints
 Total number of constraints.
uint num_fea_nodes
 Total number of FEM nodes.
uint num_fea_tets
 Total number of FEM nodes.
uint num_rigid_tet_contacts
 The number of contacts between tetrahedron and rigid bodies.
uint num_marker_tet_contacts
 The number of contacts between tetrahedron and fluid markers.
uint num_rigid_tet_node_contacts
 The number of contacts between tetrahedron nodes and rigid bodies.
uint nnz_bilaterals
 The number of non-zero entries in the bilateral Jacobian.
bool Fc_current
 Flag indicating whether or not the contact forces are current (NSC only).
ChTimerParallel system_timer
 This object hold all of the timers for the system.
settings_container settings
 Structure that contains all settings for the system, collision detection and the solver.
measures_container measures
std::unique_ptr< ChMaterialCompositionStrategy< real > > composition_strategy
 Material composition strategy.
 User-provided callback for overriding coposite material properties.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ExportCurrentSystem()

int ChParallelDataManager::ExportCurrentSystem ( std::string  output_dir)

Convenience function that outputs all of the data associated for a system.

This is useful when debugging.

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