Project Chrono API/SDK documentation (development branch)


High level overview of Chrono's features and capabilities.

Installation Guides

Instructions for configuring and installing Chrono and its optional modules.

Instructions on how to set up a project that uses Chrono.

User Manuals

  • Chrono Core

    Detailed documentation of Chrono's main features.

  • Visualization

    Chrono support for run-time and off-line visualization

  • Chrono::Vehicle

    Ground vehicle modeling and simulation with the Chrono::Vehicle module

  • Chrono::Sensor

    Sensor modeling and simulation with the Chrono::Sensor module

  • Chrono::Parsers

    tools to import external models and to interact with other languages

  • Chrono::Modal

    Modal reduction and eigenvalue analysis of the Chrono systems and assemblies

  • PyChrono

    Overview of PyChrono, the Python API to Chrono libraries

  • SynChrono

    Distributed agent simulation with the SynChrono module

  • DEM-Engine

    External GPU solver for DEM simulations

  • Chrono::SolidWorks

    SolidWorks plugin for exporting CAD data to Chrono

  • Chrono::Blender

    Add-on for importing Chrono simulations in Blender for rigging, editing and rendering

  • Chrono::ROS

    Integration with an external autonomy stack based on the Robot Operating System (ROS)

API Reference

Doxygen documentation, accessible from buttons at the top of the page. For a quick overview of all the classes: Class Index.


Basic examples for various features in Chrono. Good place to get started with using Chrono.