Chrono 3.0.0 training material

The following sets of slides contain material used in various week-long Chrono tutorials offered in the past. These slides refer to the API of Chrono release 3.0.0.

Introductory Material

  • Overview of Chrono pdf
  • C++ primer pdf
  • GitHub primer pdf
  • CMake primer pdf
  • OVerview of available Chrono demos pdf

Multibody Dynamics with Chrono

  • General concepts of multibody dynamics pdf
  • Basic multibody system modeling support in Chrono pdf
  • Visualization options in Chrono pdf

Contact and Friction, Solution Methods

  • Handling of frictional contact in Chrono pdf
  • Collision detection in Chrono pdf
  • Solution methods: time steppers and linear solvers pdf

Finite Element Analysys (Chrono::FEA)

  • ANCF support for flexible body dynamics in Chrono pdf
  • Co-rotational FEA in Chrono pdf
  • Validation of the Chrono FEA solution pdf
  • Chrono FEA API pdf

Vehicle Modeling and Simulation (Chrono::Vehicle)

  • Overview of Chrono::Vehicle pdf
  • Chrono::Vehicle, Wheeled Vehicles pdf
  • Chrono::Vehicle, Tracked Vehicles pdf

Other Chrono modules

  • Chrono::Parallel and support for granular dynamics pdf
  • Chrono::Matlab and interfacing to Matlab/Simulink pdf
  • Chrono::Python and interfacing to Python pdf
  • Chrono::Solidworks plugin pdf
  • Support for robotics in Chrono pdf
  • Looking ahead: Autonomous vehicle simulation support in Chrono pdf
  • Chrono support for multi-physics pdf

Hands-on Exercises

The following hands-on exercises use code available in the GitHub repository chrono-tutorials

  • Chrono core exercises pdf
  • Chrono::FEA exercises pdf
  • Chrono::Vehicle exercises pdf