Install the DISTRIBUTED module

This is an optional module that enables MPI_based distributed parallel computation for granular dynamics.

Read the introduction to modules for a technical background on the modularity of the Chrono project.



  • To build applications based on this module an MPI distribution is required
  • This module requires that the Chrono::Multicore module be also enabled. See the instructions for buiding the MULTICORE module

Building instructions

  1. Repeat the instructions for the full installation, but when you see the CMake window, you must add the following steps:
  2. Set the ENABLE_MODULE_DISTRIBUTED as 'on', then press 'Configure' (to refresh the variable list)
  3. Press 'Configure' again, then 'Generate', and proceed as usual in the installation instructions.

How to use it

  • Look at the API section of this module for documentation about classes and functions.
  • Look at the C++ source of demos to learn how to use the functions of this module.