Structure of arrays containing rigid collision shape information.

#include <ChCollisionData.h>

Public Attributes

std::vector< short2 > fam_rigid
 family information
std::vector< uint > id_rigid
 ID of associated body.
std::vector< int > typ_rigid
 shape type
std::vector< int > local_rigid
 local shape index in collision model of associated body
std::vector< int > start_rigid
 start index in the appropriate container of dimensions
std::vector< int > length_rigid
 usually 1, except for convex
std::vector< quaternionObR_rigid
 shape rotations
std::vector< real3ObA_rigid
 shape positions
std::vector< real3obj_data_A_global
std::vector< quaternionobj_data_R_global
std::vector< real > sphere_rigid
 radius for sphere shapes
std::vector< real3box_like_rigid
 dimensions for box-like shapes
std::vector< real3triangle_rigid
 vertices of all triangle shapes (3 per shape)
std::vector< real2capsule_rigid
 radius and half-length for capsule shapes
std::vector< real4rbox_like_rigid
 dimensions and radius for rbox-like shapes
std::vector< real3convex_rigid
 points for convex hull shapes
std::vector< real3triangle_global
 triangle vertices in global frame

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