Chrono multicore quaternion class.

#include <real4.h>

Public Member Functions

CUDA_HOST_DEVICE quaternion (real a)
CUDA_HOST_DEVICE quaternion (real _w, real _x, real _y, real _z)
CUDA_HOST_DEVICE quaternion (const real3 &v, real w)
CUDA_HOST_DEVICE real operator[] (unsigned int i) const
CUDA_HOST_DEVICE real & operator[] (unsigned int i)
CUDA_HOST_DEVICE operator real * ()
CUDA_HOST_DEVICE operator const real * () const
CUDA_HOST_DEVICE quaternionoperator= (const quaternion &rhs)
CUDA_HOST_DEVICE real3 vect () const

Public Attributes

union {
   real   array [4]
   struct {
      real   w
      real   x
      real   y
      real   z

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